What’s the Best Day of the Week to Book Tickets?

Best Day of the Week to Book TicketsThanks to budget airlines and Airbnb accommodations growing in popularity, traveling has really become accessible for many. You no longer have to earn six figures a year in order to go to an all-inclusive resort in Aruba or do a backpacking trip in Southeast Asia. There are plenty of deals available online that makes it incredibly affordable for average folks to pack their bags and just go.  Yet, the question remains, when is the best day of the week to book tickets?

Although it has been said that Tuesday is the best day of the week to book tickets, new research shows that the weekends are even better. This is because business travelers normally book their tickets on the weekdays, which have been noted to increase prices. In order for airlines to attract leisure travelers, they drop the fares down during the weekends, which is when leisure travelers book their tickets.  It has been noted that when you purchase tickets during the weekend, you save up to 5% as compared to when you book your ticket on a weekday.

According to another study, if you book your tickets on a Sunday, you can save up to $60 USD. This makes it the best day of the week for leisure travelers to book their tickets. Yet, even if it’s been said that Sunday is the best day to book tickets, if you see a good deal on Monday, take a note of it and then compare airfares on Tuesday. Don’t just rely on the hearsay and assume this holds true in all cases. Reality is, there is no science as to when you should be booking your tickets, even if many experts attempt to make a trend out of it.

Whatever you do, though, just make sure to avoid booking your tickets on Mondays and Fridays. Mondays are generally more expensive because that’s typically when a bigger airline would release its sale prices, giving its competitors ample time to be able to match it up. By the time Tuesday comes, most airlines would have released better prices that can compete with Monday’s release. Prices also tend to skyrocket during Fridays as this is when business travelers purchase last minute tickets for the following week to come.

As experts can’t agree on the best day of the week to purchase tickets, it is only prudent to take this advice with a grain of salt. Instead, take a look at these some of these tips below that are tested-and-proven to help you save money on airfare:

  • Always do a comparison check

Always compare ticket prices before purchasing to avoid paying too much. There are a lot of websites now that can help you with that with just one click. You can even set up flight alarms for deals, so you’ll be notified right away of a price drop or a good bargain! If you’re happy about the price, purchase the ticket right away. Keep in mind that bargain seats are only limited and there are a lot of travelers who want to score that deal, as well.



  • Don’t book too early

Airline tickets tend to cost a lot when bought at the last minute, but booking too early can also cost twice as much. Take note that airline companies tend to actively manage ticket prices of a particular flight only three months before for domestic flights and five months for international flights. The ideal window to book domestic tickets is typically 42 to 57 days from departure, while it would be wise to purchase international tickets between 120 and 140 days before your departure.

  • But don’t wait until the last minute either

Although there’s a chance you may be able to find bargain deals for last-minute purchases, there’s a possibility that those tickets may be sold out by the time you’re ready to book. When there are no more seats on sale, you’ll have to purchase them at their regular price. Since it’s close to the departure date, it’s going to be jacked up, due to its limited number. It’s been noted that the prices of domestic tickets start to rise six weeks before the departure date. The nearer it gets to the departure, the more expensive it will be.

  • Check the ticket price after the day of purchase

Let’s say you bought a ticket today and saw that it was being sold at a cheaper price the next day. Call the airline. There’s a federal rule that requires airline companies to give consumers a full refund if they cancel airline tickets within 24 hours of purchase, as long as the flight is at least one full week away.

  • Fly on off-peak days

As airports are busiest on Mondays and the weekends, flights are notable cheaper for departures on Tuesdays to Thursdays. That’s because most business travelers fly on Monday and most leisure travelers want to travel on the weekends. In fact, the most expensive days to travel are on Fridays and Saturdays.

If you can, you should also avoid traveling on holidays, as well. These are considered blackout dates, and airlines know that passengers are willing to pay for higher prices to see their families for Christmas, Easter and other holidays.

You should also consider flying during off-peak hours. Not many people like to travel during the wee hours of the morning, so booking early morning and red-eye flights are guaranteed to cost you less. Make sure you set an alarm to actually make it to the flight though.

As long as you keep these tips in mind, you’ll be sure not to spend a fortune on booking tickets. All you have to do now is pick a destination, set up an air ticket sale alarm and find the best dates with the best ticket prices. Inexpensive airfare equals more spending money at the actual destination. Don’t shop too much though, or all your air ticket savings will be spent on excess baggage. Aim for spending on experience instead.

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