Playa Del Carmen Mexico

I am coming to you from the beach in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico.

All I can say is “Wow”.   It is really beautiful here!

Emerald water and the sand is just like baby powder.

It is an absolute fantastic place for a family vacation, or a getaway with you and that special someone.

It is one of my top rated getaway spots for many reasons.

Restaurants line the beach with chairs and tables outside for a beachfront dining experience that for many will become lifetime memories.

Playa del Carmen tends to be more family oriented than its close by holiday rival Cancun. Personally I like that a bit better as I’m older and not much into the nightlife scene anymore.

However Cancun is only 30 miles up the road if you do get the urge for a night of clubbing or dancing.

There is a ferry from the beach in Playa Del Carmen that is less than an hour boat ride to the Island of Cozumel.

So it’s close if you have the urge to go explore, and Cozumel is a little different as it’s an island off the coast with it’s own unique history and flavor.

Built along the beach is the charming little town of Playa Del Carmen.

Playa Del Carmen is kind of like old mexico and hasn’t been spoiled by modern structures.

It has a walking street through the main section of town with all sorts of little shops and eat outside restaurants which give it a charm second to none.

One of the other things I really like about Playa Del Carmen is that the dollar goes a long long way there. Everything is extremely cheap compared to where I’m originally from. (USA)

There are a tremendous amount of activities to do in Playa Del Carmen combined with very interesting history of an ancient Mayan culture and multitudes of ancient historic sites still very well intact just waiting for you to visit!

There are also many excellent luxury resort deals to be had in Playa Del Carmen and I personally have taken my family there several times. We love it there.

I have deep discounts on many of the resorts here and can save you lots of money if you ever choose to come here!

When you can vacation in paradise, not have to go far to get there AND go very inexpensively… well that’s just about as good as it gets. 🙂

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